Data history missing

Hi, I’m new to this so please bear with me… I have hooked up a BME680 sensor to an Arduino Uno and am sending data over TTN. It arrives on the Cayenne dashboard and all live data is good. The issue is on 3 of the fields there is no historic data - I get the message “No data available for this period” which there clearly is the other 3 fields work fine. Additionally when I log into the iOS Cayenne app the 3 fields with no data show zero values or history. I’ve exhausted all possibilities - I can’t get my head around why the live data on all fields is good and reliable but it’s not storing the history. It’s probably something obvious I’m missing but I could sure do with some help…

can you delete and re-add the particular widget where the issue is present.

Hi, I tried that but they kept re-appearing. I used the reset dashboard button and everything started working as it should which is great news… Thanks for your help. Harry

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