Home page for iOS app


When we open the iOS app, it goes straight to Devices. I would love for it to open on Projects, or have the choice somewhere !
Is that something other people want ? or is it just me ?


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Yes, I would also like to set the default page-
I have several “projects”, each device is basically a different project.
It would be nice to be able to set a default for each piece of electronics.

I’m more about several devices = one project ! Or one device several projects !
Anyway, you get the idea!
Keep the good work guys, loving cayenne !

oh, I’ve done that…:slight_smile:

I would like to figure out how to rename the current project. It’s named as the default project when you first start building your widgets. But, clicking on a device should take you to a particular project linked to that device. Like when you print in windows and it prints to default printer unless you choose a different printer, similar I think.

Ah, you can use the “gear” on the right side ribbon- no?
and to “add” a project,
just click the “+” :wink:

Just wanted to rename the tab at the top of current un-named project. If I add a project then I would have to rebuild all the widgets and triggers and schedule, no? I’ve done so many do overs thanks to bugs in the system although the bugs thankfully seem to be getting less and less.


Well, in my web interface, when I open a project and select the wheel gear on the right I have “Edit Project Name” as described by Bill, would be what you are looking for no?


I made the mistake of not starting a new project tab in the beginning so all my devices don’t show under any project name, all lumped together under no tab or project name. The gear in this instance only has configure and reset dashboard.


I don’t think so…
your devices are still there, but you get another button face.

Ok Billy boy, your are correct. I create a project and name it, then drag and drop my device to that project, silly me :blush:

That’s the way! :wink:

perhaps not the whole device…
you can just drag and drop, like, a single button…
or 2 buttons from 12 devices…

-not so easy if you’re using the SPI bus on an Esp device. :frowning:
I’m bit banging away to try and make my 8 channel Analog/Digital 12-bit WiFi voltmeter work with Cayenne. I’m at my frustration level…