Incoherencies between IOS and WEB

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Hi !
I have some incoherencies between my web dashboard and my iOS dashbord.
First of all, I have a project on the web that appears empty on iOS (I’m not using any MQTT there, just GPOs and 2 temp sensors)
Second, the names I gave to my switchers and sensors appears in the project on the web page but not on the device, tho it appears correctly named on the iOS app in the device ?!

Joined a few screenshots …

Would love to have the insight of the team on this !
In any way, thank you for your great work, keep it going ! waiting like a little kid for christmas for iOS MQTT so i can turn on and off my RF controlled light from my bed !

Hi Charles,

We have a known issue where a pending Arduino device on the account will cause your project not to display on iOS. On the web dashboard, click that ‘Arduino’ entry in the left sidebar, then Next then Remove.

After this, you may need to force close your iOS app and re-launch it to guarantee a refresh. Your should then be able to see your project widgets on iOS OK.

Thanks for the reply !
Indeed it did the trick.
Thats sorting one issue!
Any idea about the names ? also I have a pending deleting ds18B20 sensor thats been there for a while, any idea ?

Thanks again for the quick response

OK, the issue with the name was that i renamed the widgets from the project and not on the device. If I then edit my widgets on the device and save them (no need to rename, the new name is there) and save, all is good. I guess you can add this in the Buglist !