How to change number channel of widget with string

Guys, do you know how to change name of channel from widget with string?
i want to change number channel with string name, can cayenne do this?
the image with blue circle, i was change that with “Tegangan” but sensor not send the data correctly, and just display zero

why you want to do it? the channel should be a number as it the MQTT channel used for sending data over.

because i want to give information to email and sms with name, not number sir, how to do that?
i want to change “Channel 1” to “Volt_AC” or something from notification like this

that is not possible. you cannot change the email format by changing the channel number of widget.

any other way to change the email format sir?

you can modify this project Webhook And IFTTT and in place of SMS use the email service.

ah i see, ok sir thanks ill try it

sir, i want to ask with this step, is that mean URL last parameter is from the red block?


yes, it is.