History is not working on Raspberry Pi

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Using a Raspberri P3 with a DS18 temperature sensor.
Use WEB on Win10 as dashboard.


It would appear as if the data storage function for my project don’t work properly.

The sensor DS18B20 widget do register the temperature and the raspberry has been running non-stop for more than 2 days, however, the historical data does not save to the cloud.

If I click on the “Details & Chart” icon for the DS18B20 widget and select the “m” then the graph is displayed.

If I download the chart data then only a few records appear in the sheet. It looks as if it only displays the data for the duration of time that I have been logged in to the web interface.

If I click on the “h” option in the graph a message is displayed “No data available for this period”.

As a test I added the DS18B20 widget to a project to see if that resolves the problem.

The data download option displays the data from the time the DS18B20 widget was added to the project.

When I click on the “Data” option on the blue bar with “Live” selected on the row below a message is displayed “Waiting for the live data…” but nothing seems to happen.

When I click on the “Data” option on the blue bar with “m” selected on the row below an hour glass with blue spinning circle comes up and a message reading “Nothing that matches the criteria”.

Any ideas?

i’ll try on my RPI and comeback .


I plug 18B20 , add device on dashboard, and automaticaly watch temp on it. change to “chart”
: nothing wrong

The part that you tested works for me as well. That is not the issue. The issue is that the history information is not stored.

Do the same test and let it run. After 65 mins click on the “h” option and see what you get. I received the error messages as per my original query.

What I noticed, indeed, is that on “h” the graph displays 3 days with dots every hour. g
And on “d” I only have one dot on the right.
What’s more, the Cayenne team is working on a new engine for the RPI. We must still be patient. Thank you.

I edited the title for privacy concern :wink:
Our current Raspberry Pi agent will be deprecated soon, as we are finalizing a new one.
Some features in Cayenne has been updated to new engines but it’s unfortunately not compatible with our current RPi agent.
Also the history has different implementation between our current RPi agent and MQTT based devices. It will be fixed with the new agent.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience !

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