How to read value of variable on Raspberry


I have a module connected to my raspberry pi over UART.
I have written python scripts to read and process data with Python.
I have also maintain the storage for data.
All i need to do is display the variable value in graphical format using Cayenne.
I tried to explore the options but found that we can monitor GPIOs using Cayenne but not the variables or scripts.
One more thing, where does the scripts or code for Cayenne is located on Raspberry pi so that i can modify it.

File I/O with widgets is a feature request, but the Cayenne team is focussing on getting the Arduino integration released, so w might be waiting a while.

Drivers are compiled AFAIK in Cayenne.

If you want to have something like this work, then get WebIOPi, the drivers manual, and put something together there. You can then submit the driver to the Cayenne team for integration.



@hemant.raut407 I just sent you the docs via email. As @kreggly mentioned, this will be done in upcoming releases, so hang in there!


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