I kept getting email alerts about my sensors

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I keep getting alerts telling me that my Raspberry Pi sensors needs attention. I setup an alert to notify me when my Pi is Offline, but when glance at the unit it appears to be working and online. I don’t think my Internet connection is the issue.

Using IOS app with a Raspberry Pi b model.

HI @usensit, welcome to the Cayenne Community.

Last night in USA time (9-10 hours ago) we had some server instability with cayenne.mydevices.com. It’s possible that with the platform down, your Pi wasn’t reaching the cloud server properly and this caused the logic to determine that it was offline.

Ah, OK.

I’m going to mark this as ‘Resolved’, but if you’re getting flurries of these emails without any reason to believe the device may have lost connection with our server, please let us know.