Notification not sent when offline due to power outage


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I have set up sending text/email notification when my Pi 2 is offline/online. When I purposely shutdown or reboot my Pi, I will receive notifications almost immediately. However, when the power cable is unplugged (to simulate power outage), it seems that the notification will not send out until the power cable is plugged back. Does it sound right? If this is the case you expect, could you possibly make it send the notification right away even when it goes offline due to power outage.

Thank you.


Hi @alexkychen,

I think you’re on to a legit bug here. I’ve been testing this today and I’m seeing the same behavior. Well, it does look like the dashboard will eventually see the unplugged Pi as offline, but it does not send the notification, so it’s not good for the use case you’ve described here. We should be noticing the device is offline right very soon after disconnection, and of course sending the notification when that event happens (even if it takes us 20 minutes to figure it out). I’ll submit this to our dev team and update here when I know more. Thank you for letting us know.


Hi @rsiegel

Thank you very much for your reply. I am looking forward to seeing this bug fixed very soon. We have an ongoing project that uses your system/service to create a temperature alarm system for laboratory freezers or refrigerators. :slight_smile:


Hey @alexkychen, just replying to let you know this behavior is fixed, Cayenne should notify now when your Pi goes offline no matter the reason of the lost connection.

There may be a delay until Cayenne realizes the device is offline, but as soon as it does it will send.