Would Cayenne ever consider using the application to integrate with recipes for “if this then that?”
For example using the phones GPS and location services have your destination setup so that when you are entering or exiting the predefined zone something happens. Example. I arrive home and I use the Cayenne app to talk to the Raspberry pi and generate an SMS to a device which in turn opens my front gate to the property without me doing anything ? I used this for android sort of successfully but for apple there does not seem to be a suitable recipe to get this right ? So I thought that maybe its something that Cayenne could do?

Sounds like you want to try out triggers. After you log in click on User Menu in the top right then Triggers and Alerts. The alerts are limited right now but they are planning on adding more, even triggers based on phone GPS like you mentioned.

Integrating with IFTTT service would be lower on the road map of things to do for us. Your use case with your phone will actually be possible inside Cayenne without the use of IFTTT. Check out this post:

We are bringing in iOS and Android mobile devices :slight_smile: I hope this will meet your need!


…there’s a road map of things? That would be the "RoT for IoT, then…
:slight_smile: Keep up the great work! :smile:

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