Integration with other services

Are there any plans to use other services for notifications? Like Pushbullet, Telegram or Slack?

Also, don’t know if anyone else here running android are using Tasker? I think a plugin for the app would be rad.

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Me … Im using tasker with SSH plugin to run some python scripts… It would be interesting. :slight_smile:

I also use the SSH plugin. Running a script just takes a bit of time every now and then, but that’s due to the login delay probably. I know someone mentioned being able to run a script from the dashboard in another thread. Would also be a nice addition.

Unified remote has a great Tasker plugin for example. Select device you want to control, select command you want to send. Done.

Right now, I’m switching it via webiopi with http post commands, but setup gets tedious quickly…
Example of this for switching a relay would be

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yeah, I like it. each user have own TelegramBot, add your bot and your telegram id, then all notification send via Telegram. After all, have some api for bot :slight_smile:

Id love to see integration with IFTTT. For example id like to check the status of my AC unit (cayenne actuator) and compare that with the outside temperature via the IFTTT weather channel and then if that outside temperature is less than a set point temperature to turn off the AC since it is cooler outside.

We’ve been working on opening up the Cayenne API. Once we release the API, integration with IFTTT should be possible.

There are a few posts about IFTTT tie in, so I’ll keep everyone updated on the status.

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