Installing myDevices on Raspberry Pi Jessie fails

Hi All,

I’ve been using myDevices to show values from a LoRaWan node and wished to try myDevices on a Raspberry pi.

I’ve followed the instruction but running
sudo bash -v
runs but eventually fails with the following:

Processing dependencies for myDevices==2.0.3
    Searching for urllib3>=1.21.1,!=1.25.0,!=1.25.1,<1.26
    Best match: urllib3 1.25.7
    Processing urllib3-1.25.7.tar.gz
    Writing /tmp/easy_install-zsx2uowt/urllib3-1.25.7/setup.cfg
    Running urllib3-1.25.7/ -q bdist_egg --dist-dir /tmp/easy_install-zsx2uowt/urllib3-1.25.7/egg-dist-tmp-4bq6p5r9
    Sat 23 Nov 08:18:22 UTC 2019 Build for Python 3.4.2 failed    

I can paste the full output if that’s useful but it’s a bit long.

I’ve googled it and done
sudo apt-get -f update
sudo apt-get -f upgrade
sudo apt-get -f dist-upgrade
sudo apt-get -f install python3.4
sudo apt-get -f install

python3 -V
Python 3.4.2

I’ve tried
restarting with a new mydevice
running other suggested scripts
but no success.

I’ve run the uninstall and this gives

sudo /etc/myDevices/uninstall/./
sed: can't read /etc/myDevices/uninstall/installed_agent: No such file or directory
Removed symlink /etc/systemd/system/
userdel: cayenne mail spool (/var/mail/cayenne) not found
groupdel: group 'cayenne' does not exist

but a install still fails.

Any help will be useful

can you share the link form where you got this code and info.

The first code
sudo bash -v
was from when you click add new after doing the down load

The apt-get update etc was from another Cayenne community thread for the same/similar issue.

First additional script was from

Another was from

I hope this is the info you requested.
Many thanks

first of all, are using Lora node or cayenne MQTT agent on the raspberry. the link you share are for cayenne MQTT agent.
can you first, elaborate on what you are trying to achieve or what is your project about.

Thank you for you help.

My experience is in products developed in c mainly for temperature monitoring and have some experience in bespoke iot apps but not with the MQTT agents and similar.

My project.
I have 2 rasberry pi’s, one collecting info from various sensors, wind, temp humidity (weather station and domestic environment monitoring). These values are entered into a mysql db.
The other is a webserver which reads data (over tcp) from the other pi and displays them on the browser. This runs fine but needs polishing.

Up to now I’ve written almost all my own code and was trying to shorten the development.

Recently I delved into LoRaWan, (to add to my existing radio transmitters I have, and possible simplify the installation), and have setup a node that collects temperature and humidity and sends them to TTN and on to myDevices dashboard where I can inspect then using a browser or a phone app.
I also have set up a temporary single channel gateway (raspberry pi zero + RFM95) because the other gateway that was in range no longer operates.

So I wish to move in one of three directions.

  1. take the data received from the LoRaWan gate way and insert it into my db, or
  2. Implement a myDevices style dashboard on the raspberry pi and direct all data there.
  3. Send all data to the Cayenne.myDevices dashboard.

Reading your comment makes me think that what I’m trying at the moment only sends data to the Cayenne dashboard. But it’s a start.


Having dug deeper I find there is an MQTT client API available. I have had a look and this could implement my option 3.
Then I would have to get my gateway to send data to my db.
And I won’t have to sort out the original problem.

a simple solution is to send data from the Lora node using cayenne LPP format
there are a couple of examples on how to do it. here is official TTN library and c library

Many thanks for your help.
I already send the data from my Lora node to cayenne.
Your comments on MQTT made me read further and I think that using the “Cayenne-MQTT-C-master” on a raspberry pi will allow me to send my weather station data to the Cayenne cloud desktop.

Many thanks

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From you comments I have progressed to running simplepub from CayennMQTTClient C examples.
I have added functions in c to get data from mysql database to show them om my BYOD page.
So now with a little more work I will be able to send all/any data to the BYOD page.

So my original path in adding a raspberry pi to the dashboard was not the right way to go.

Thanks for the help.

How do I mark this as helped?

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it will be great if you can share your project, code with the community.