Integrating Lora devices which do not comply to IPSO

Hi there,

is there any possibility adding LORA - Devices (custom build) which do not use the IPSO data model?

Thanks in advance

Hi @wolfgang.zeitler,

If your LoRa device allows you to configure the payloads sent, you can send them using our Cayenne LPP format and then add the device to your dashboard as a generic “Cayenne LPP” device.

If your device doesn’t allow this and has its own proprietary payload format, you can submit it to our IoT Ready with information on its data format and we’ll add it to Cayenne and build a decoder for it. Or urge the manufacturer to do the same if you’re an end-user – we’re always looking to grow our list of supported LoRa devices!

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Hi rsiegel,

my device is a ARF8170BA from Adeunis. Are there already activities for integration?