iOS dashboard of analog values only gives one decimal


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  • Device & model used: esp8266-12e (v3)

  • What dashboard are you using? dashboard created and fine-tuned on Mac-OSX;

  • When looking at the dashboard on iOS, all analog readings are presented with one decimal, although I defined one with zero decimals, and another with 2 decimals. I cannot choose the number of decimals in the settings


Hi @theovanderkrogt, thanks for the bug report, I can see this one on my iOS app as well. I suspect it is an oversight in our design – the iOS app has no way to configure decimals, and thus is probably discarding the decimal setting configured on the web dashboard when received as it doesn’t know what to do with it.

I know we had an issue where even the Raspberry Pi process count on iOS had a single decimal place a few months ago, which really makes no sense. That was corrected, but the overarching issue where all other widgets have a single decimal by default remains. I’ll log this one with our iOS dev for fix in a future release.