IOT based water manangment Flownomo and d'Smart_Switch


About This Project

This smart board lets you power your devices from anywhere with a phone.
The FloNoMo device solves the problem of overflowing tanks by switching off the motor
when the tank starts overflowing and also can function on a scheduled basis
where you dont have to worry about switching the motor on and off everyday.
This is our attempt at solving a generic problem of water wasteage and
coming up with an automated system to function tasks at scheduled timings.

What’s Connected

  1. Wemos D1 mini
  2. Arduino uno with w5100 ethernet shield.
  3. 5v 10A relay.
  4. Custom made AC input socket.
  5. water detector
  6. 9v power adapter.

Triggers & Alerts

when the water from overflow pipe comes in contact with the water detector. this trigger the relay to switch off.
also a message is send to user that the sensor has reached threshold value.


using the scheduling feature we can start the motor on daily bases. this add more feature as, the time taken to fill the water varies as it depends on water pressure, so the time may vary. now only when the water overflow the flownomo switches off the motor.
scheduling feature allows to switch on motor everyday at particular time also sends you a message that the motor is switched on.

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project


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