Is it ON or OFF?

I am using Chrome browser and iPhone. On the browser it shows a GPIO channel to be ON. On the App it shows OFF. Why?

There is some time lag.
Try to refresh the page.

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I’ll take this to mean that hopefully you got logged into the iOS app OK. Let me know so I can close that thread if it’s no longer an issue.

Generally this is just a timing/refresh issue and it will update on the side where you didn’t make the change in a few second, in worst case, after a browser refresh or exiting/re-entering the GPIO tab.

We’re doing some major backend work in Q1 of 2017 to improve the reliability and speed of sync when using mobile and web at the same time. There are some issues there now, but generally I’ve not seen them with the GPIO page, so I’m pretty sure a refresh will do you some good here.

That seems to have resolved it.