Lag in response time on app

I have created a test project to see how this all works. I am using an Arduino Mega 2560 R3 and an Arduino ethershield 5100 connected via a Linksys router. I have also installed the iOS app on my iPhone 6 running version 9.1.
I have built a simple project using a DS18B20 to read temp and a digital GPIO to control a relay. I have added some triggers and scheduling items to learn how they work.

I would say everything works nice and I like the features along with ease of adding SMS, scheduled events and triggers. My issue is that I noticed when I park the app, then re-open it there is a roughly 10s lag before I can use the push button for the relay or the temp updates. I am wondering if the lag is normal? I keep getting a message that the device is off line if I push the button before the 10s lag expires. Since I have a trigger set up to notify me when the device is off line and I have not received an SMS telling me so, then the device must be on line. It would appear that the lag is caused by the app making the connection to my device in the cloud after the connection has been idle for some time.

Thanks for any input you may provide

Sorry for late reply here. Perhaps there has been improvement in last 4 months? Let us know :slight_smile: I have experienced same behavior where it takes some time for connection to device to be made.