Not getting sketch while clicking sketch on ethernet w5100

I am newbie in cayenne. I need help in connecting my arduino uno r3 to cayenne.
I am using ethernet shield w5100. I connected my arduino via lan connection using shield.
I am selecting Arduino Uno under that section i am selecting Ethernet Shield W5100 and then i am clicking on sketch which is on right side and i am not getting any sketch. I am using chrome browser and i also tried with mozilla firefox, microsoft edge and internet explorer. Its not working.

Whats the problem??? Please help me.

Thanks in Advance,…

did you install cayenne MQTT library?. you will find example in file > example >cayenneMQTT> connection>w5100.


Thank you Shramiksalgaonkar. But i get that and now its connected. For any further help i will contact you. Thanks alotsssss

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