Issue with SMS notification

I have been trying to set up text notification with my Arduino Uno with W5100 Ethernet shield.
I entered my phone number and country code (I’m in Australia), it accepted the number but it wouldn’t actually send the message.
I was on Cayenne and saw that the input went high but no message came. I tried it with Email and it worked straight away.
Also is notifications from your phone possible? I saw it on cayenne advertising but can’t actually find the option (I’m on the latest IOS version).
Please help.

I had the same issue yesterday. Totday it’s fixed.

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We did have a bit of downtime with the service that processes our SMS notifications yesterday. However, it should have been resolved by the time you made this post, and I’ve confirmed that things are still working now. So I’m not convinced you ran into the same thing peter2 was talking about.

I suspect it could be the phone number format? I’d expect a format of 61 4 1234 5678 when dialing an Australian mobile (dropping the 0 since we’re texting from outside your country). Is it possible you had 61 04 1234 5678, or something else?

Also check for special characters. We should handle spaces, parenthesis, and hyphens OK in SMS numbers, but not the + symbol (or anything else I’m aware of)