SMS alerts dead?!

*Raspberry Pi 3
*Android / Web

The SMS alert is it dead? Now I only receive alerts on my email and not by SMS. It’s my fault or something wrong with the system?

Thank you

Im having trouble as well.

I have the same problem i thought it was because i in Canada

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Hey all, thanks for letting us know. I’ve set up some tests and can confirm the same behavior on my devices. I’m going to notify our team to see if there is something up with the SMS notification service that we use.

@alexbon @mind.manifest7

This should be resolved now, apologies for the downtime!

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hai i am trying to set up a sms but it won’t send. trigger sends email but no sms Phone number in in the Netherlands and starts with 0031 and than my mobile number without the first 0 Is the server down?

By Frank

Hi @frenkie123,

I’m thinking this one is related to the phone number format rather than any issue on our servers (I’m aware of none at the moment). I would try one of these formats and see if you have better luck:

31 20 ??? ??? (the 20 being an example area code for Amsterdam, of course)

31 6 ??? ??? (mobile)

can you explane to me how to use sms function
I can’t find it in projects

I am having an issue on my Raspberry Pi 3 where i have a sms trigger that was setup and working fine for a few weeks and then all of the sudden the triggers stop working. If i delete and add back the trigger notification then it works fine again. I’ve also had an issue with other trigger events not firing off. For example i have my garage door controlled by a relay and i have a trigger event setup so that once the relay turns on then it also turns right back off to reset it and that has stopped working as of today. i’ve tried rebooting the Pi and there is no change. I also just looked in the Trigger section of Cayenne and it says the last time both the notification and the garage door relay reset were on 3/14, but the last text message on my phone is from Sunday 4/2.

I’ve also experienced something similar with an arduino board - I’ve got a X-board that has a 2 relays mounted on the board and i have it controlling my garage lights using a PIR sensor. It was working great and then all of the sudden the lights stopped coming on even if the PIR sensor was showing a 1, it wouldnt trigger the relay to turn on. I even tried replacing the PIR sensor with another and no luck.

Any ideas?

trigger does not send sms, what is the phone number format in the philippines?

Hi @ecesmarthome, apologies for the late response. Try the following phone number formats (using an example from Manila):

Landline: 011 63 2 ??? ???
Mobile: 011 63 9?? ??? ???

what is the phone number format in Chile?

I’m seeing (using Santiago as example):

011 56 2 ??? ??? -Landline
011 56 9 ??? ??? -Mobile

It doesn’t need to be a secret, I’m basically using this website to get the formats: :smile:

Just use the “Calling from the USA or Canada” dropdown and select your country to the see format our app is expecting.

Hi again. You know, I dont know if I set the triggers wrong or they just do not work because I do it and nothing happens, could you help me with this?

If you add an email address to the trigger, do you see that either? That would give some indication of whether it is an issue with SMS dialing or the triggers engine itself.

You mean, if I put only the email?
It doesn’t work in any way, I’ve tried it just by putting my number, also just by putting the email or with analogous or digital readings and neither. I also tried deleting all the widgets and creating them from 0 but nothing works): that’s why I asked if I had set the alert wrong or something similar

Thrillers not work some days… repair please

I think this might ultimately be the triggers engine on our end, which I know we’re going to be updating to a new version shortly. Tagging @jcruz and @bestes to see if they have an update on that.

Hi, there is still no sms notification receive using the format you gave. Is there other solution?

We are using an esp8266 as a wifi shield is it not compatible to the sms notification feature of cayenne?