Notification not working

Hi I am new use cayenne. I have a project to monitor plant with nodeMCU, sensor and use MQTT. When using trigger and make notification email work normally but for number not work. How to fix this ?
thank you

And to me it is the same

what because of the influence of the location?

Now working :slight_smile:

Hi @didikwahyusap

Thank you for your interest in Cayenne. Can you let me know what country you’re trying to send the SMS notification to?

This is likely just an issue with the phone number format – our system has a limitation right now where it expects phone numbers to be entered as they would be dialed from US/Canada to send properly. I can help you get the correct format to enter if you let me know the country where the messages are being sent.

thanks for your help @rsiegel I am from Indonesia


Try adding the US/Canada exit code (011) and Indonesia country code (62), like this. My understanding is that the 0 digit which is added for Indonesian domestic long distance should be removed as well, leaving you with:

011 62 8xx xxx xxxx

You can leave out the spaces, of course.

thanks for @rsiegel this work


Excellent, glad to hear it!

I’m lobbying to get a note explaining this into the software, and/or just handle it programatically so you can just enter your local number to dial without working about US/Canada exit codes in the future.