SMS Trigger not working

Hi, I am running a Raspberry Pi ver.3b to process plant ambient data (temperature, Humidity, soil temp, moisture etc) signals from Arduino and have some important and live data sent to cayenne dashboard. This all works fine.

However, I am unable to send in Notification via SMS. I have tried email notifications and they fine, but my SMS notification dont work. I am guessing it is a format error or something!!
I have a Indian and a Swedish mobile number on which i would like to be notified. Here are the formats I have tried :

(Indian) --> 011 91 99XXXXXXXX , +91 99XXXXXXXX.
(Swedish) --> 011 46 xxxxxxxxx.

Any help regarding this would be very helpful.
Thanks in advance.

can you try changing:


(Swedish) – +46xxxxxxxxx


+9199XXXXXXXX without space in between.

Hey shramik,

Thanks for the quick response.

I have tried the mentioned format but have had no luck in getting them to work. At this point of time, a SMS notification could be of great use to my project.

Can you PM me your email_id, so i can test the issue.

Hi , Any updates yet ?

did you receive an SMS notification?

No , I have not received any notification.

then the issue is with your network provider. i added a test case in your dashboard having your contact number and mine and i have received the notification. is your contact number correct. which country are you based in?

Hi again,

I just received a notification stating “Channel 3 is on. This is connected to Arduino shramik test”. Great to know it works. How do I replicate this on my project? What was the format of number you input ?

Thanks a ton in advance.

check the trigger in your dashboard.

Thank you. I added my swedish number only after which I could receive a notification from your test. My Indian number could not receive any, but that’s fine with me as far I get notified from one of them. Thank you so much again for your valuable assistance.

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