Keyboard shift 2 for @ result in " cannot input @

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*Rpi 2 mod b

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Attempting to login mydevices

When typing @ (shift 2) on keyboard I get a " . I have tried several keyboards USB and wireless, no change. This issue started after updating rasbian jessie thru noobs 10/05/16 update.

it sounds like the default keyboard isn’t set. In raspi_config, be sure to select the proper keyboard.

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That’s a start. Um, where to find this, preferences? Don’t forget I’m slow unless I can pick a brain. LOL

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Ya- RasPi Config- preferences…
you could SSH it…but, I think not.
Easier to just power up the Pi and go into RaspiConfig from the main menu.
Oh- here’s a helpful hint: The English American Standard keyboard is Up ^^ where you can’t see it, so you’ll have to scroll up manually to select it. Sneaky buggers!

Got a chance to look and my Rpi came set Spanish layout.