I want to have a numeric keypad to enter numeric values with a data send button


Hi @mirkoelettronics, you want this as a Cayenne widget, or are you looking for suggestions on hardware to add to your project?


Hi , I would like it as a widget


I see, thanks for the response. How to you envision using this in your projects?


yes !


I think a number pad would be much more useful in the mobile apps. For the web dashboard I think a simple text box that accepts a valid number would be good enough.


I’m still confused about what exactly is being requested here. Do you guys envision it as tied to hardware device like a physical numeric keypad? Or just a ‘number’ widget that could store a float/integer value and be incremented?


From what he said, it would be: a ‘number’ widget that could store a float/integer value and be incremented

I just threw in my 2 cents about how I would envision it.


I can see the value in that, for storing, say, the number of times a relay has activated or any other value. We do have this planned in development, I’d be interested if it looks sufficient to each of you:

I don’t see the need for on-screen numeric keypad though? It seems to me on the web you have your keyboard, and on mobile we could just open the iOS/Android number pad for any data entry that would be necessary.


True, mobile keyboards have an option of launching a number pad. I think the main benefit I was looking for is entering a number through the dashboard as opposed to using a slider (although now that I think about it, was that updated recently to include a text box for a manual value?)


widget or close keypad

Keypad open for entering a digit

I was thinking of something like closed keypad that shows a set value and open keypad for entering a digit.
The entered value should be set to a virtual variable so that it can be read and processed by the background program


Thanks again, I’ll log all of this for discussion with our Product team.