Laird RS1xx Temperature / Humidity via TTN LoRaWAN displaying incorrect values


I have a number of Laird RS186 Temperature / Humidity with LoRa / BLE sensors setup via the Things Network. The integration is working nicely. The problem I have is that when I use the provided payload format for the product under /LoRa/ The Things Network/ the temperature and humidity readings are completely wrong (not even just offset). The other values (RSSI and SNR) are correct though. Images attached.

If I use the Cayenne LPP payload format the values seem to be right but then I do not get all the information as above.

Is it possible to check for me please and advise?

Dashboard: Web

DevEUI (I have 6 with the same issue but will provide one for troubleshooting) - 0025CA0A000035D4

LoRa Network used – The Things Network

Device model and version - Laird RS186 Temperature / Humidity with LoRa / BLE

Cayenne account – airponix

Many thanks!!

thanks for the detailed information. will check what is the issue with laird devices.

Thanks for your quick response. I look forward hearing from you.

it seems your device is sending a cayenne LPP payload. you will need to update it to send Laird payload format. Have a look at section 5 in this

Hi Shramik,

Thanks for your response. You are right, changing to use the proprietary Laird payload format does “solve” the display issue. However, using the proprietary Laird payload format means using confirmed packets (vs unconfirmed when using Cayenne LPP). Even considering unconfirmed still means an confirmation / acknowledgement every ten readings. Using the Laird payload format will impact GW duty cycle and could cause possible issues with fair use policy on networks when deployed at scale.

To avoid this issue, I was hoping to use Cayenne LPP but I do not get all the same functionally as I do when using Laird’s proprietary payload format and widget on the dashboard. Is there a way to use the Cayenne LPP payload and include battery info on the dashboard? I guess it will depend on if this information is included in the payload. This is the main information which is missing for me. Can you confirm this for me please?

Many thanks for your help so far.

can you try adding the device by selecting cayenne LPP when the device is in cayenne LPP format.

Hi Shramik,

I have done this in parallel as well. What I see is what I described before. Please see screenshots below. Not the same information as per the propriety option. No battery information.

If you want to look at specifics - DevEUI 0025CA0A0000362F


the battery wont show because the cayenneLPP payload the device is sending only temperature humidity and digital output. there is no battery format in it. have a look to the cayenne LPP payload format

Ok, many thanks for the clarification and support.

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