LinkIt ONE GPS Live Tracker

About This Project

Using the GPS functionality of LinkIt ONE, publishing latitude and longitude data to Cayenne, and see it in real time.

What’s Connected

LinkIt ONE with GPS Antenna

Photos of the Project

STEP 1: Test GPS with a Base Sketch

The Door of my house is in the star

STEP 2: Create Widgets for Virtual Analog Input

As Cayenne will not able to receive letters, we send the directions N/S E/W as values 1/0

Ajust Decimals for Latitude and Longitude (5 is the max)

STEP 3: Upload New Sketch

STEP 4: See Values and look for Google Maps Position

As the true value of GPS has 6 decimals and we can only send 5, we get a very approximate position.

This repository was helpful for me:

For Sketch Code see:


Awesome project! Just FYI, we’re also working a Map Widget for the Cayenne dashboard! With your project, you’d be able to display your GPS location directly on the dashboard in a widget powered by Google Maps. Nice work, and thanks for submitting your project!

so cool!

Amazing project!!! If can we also need widget to display string value like LCD

Make it work with for real professional fleet management system and HOS/elogs report which approved by US government ministry of transportation. To do it is just add and remove few lines of code. I can give you hand and technological backup to you , just send email to info at