Lobaro GPS-LoRaWAN Tracker thethingsnetwork

The Dashboard does not receive any Data from TTN. According to the Setup posibilities it even seems not to be possible to create a setup with ttn. Is it possible to provide an option for thethingsnetwork or to correct it?

And is there a workaround for that?

First select the TTN from the lora list, then search for lobaro device.

Oh? I would swear, I’ve also tried that. Although it is still quite confusing.

And none of the values at the moment do not make any sense. But I will try that out for the next week.

Thank you!!

can you private message me your DevEUI

Thanks. I was on Holidays.
Since I am still new on this topic, I’ve got a question beforehand. If I understand this right, this EUI is sth. like a MAC-Address. Will everybody who has this DevEUI be able to access the data the device sends, since this seems to be the only thing I needed to enter in the cayenne board?

yes, you are right.

Hmm. after all these security implementations lorawan this seems a little odd to me. Thanks a lot for your offer but I think I’ll try other options first

are you receiving data on TTN console?