Local server?


Hello there. Just want to say the amazing idea this is, and how it helps to new people to get more involve in electronics. I work in cruise ships and Internet is something we have to pay for at a really expensive price, I was wondering if there is plans of running Cheyenne in a local server on a raspberry pi maybe?

Cheers man


Hi Erik,

That is really not the purpose of Cayenne. Cayenne is really designed to access your IoT devices from anywhere as painlessly as possible. No need to put your devices in the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) of your network. No need to setup complex crons/scripts. No need to worry about security. That IS the product.

However, I believe you can still access the local GPIO page using the Cayenne framework on the Pi by going to http://localhost:8000. That might get you what you want.