TTN no data showing on dashboard

I’ve been pulling my hair out for the last few hours trying to get data from TTN to Cayenne with no success. As per this tutorial I’ve created a TTN integration with the Cayenne process id and a Cayenne device with the TTN DevEUI. I can see data in my TTN device console but nothing changes in Cayenne, not even RSSI or SNR is created. I’m sending static temp (-4.1) and humidity (30) data.

To me it feels like no data is flowing between TTN and Cayenne at all but I can’t verify as I don’t believe there is a way to debug. Device EUI 0067F7CA94FCD5EC

Hope someone can assist.


…not even RSSI or SNR is created…

That’s strange, cause I think that’s the minimal thing you must see. I don’t know why, but sometimes it helps if you delete your device and create it again…at least I had to do for most of my devices.
I’m not an expert, but maybe there is something wrong with your LPP code. Could you post that part?

Thanks marco. I recreated both the TNN application and Cayenne device and data is now flowing. Some form of logs/debugging on either side would definitely help. Hopefully something comes along soon.

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Hi @james.mcallan,

I’m tagging @croczey and @rsiegel who should be able to point you in the right direction.


Hi @james.mcallan,

I want to step back here since your post is from a few days ago. Apologies for our delayed response.

Looking in our logs, I do see hundreds of payloads from that device through around 08:30 GMT on December 20th. I see 14 more around 23:00 that day, then nothing since. Of the payloads I’ve checked manually, they all seem to conform to the Cayenne LPP standard OK and decode on our end. So I’d expect that they’d have created widgets on your Cayenne dashboard.

It sounds like by your last post in this thread, everything might already be OK (better logging/debugging tools notwithstanding, and they are in development :slight_smile: ). Is this the case or do you still suspect an issue with receiving data for this device?