1st device data is displayed, 2nd device data is not displayed



I have two B-L072Z-LRWAN1 LoRa devices connected to the TTN. I can see payload of both devices on the TTN website. I connected both devices to Cayenne and I can see the data from one device, but I cannot see the data from the second device. I tried removing the devices from Cayenne and re-adding them and the problem is stil there. Anyone had any similar issues? Any ideas what to check? On the TTN site everything looks good.

This is the dummy payload, that I am sending from both devices: 00 73 00 00 01 67 00 00 02 68 00 03 00 64 04 01 00

Best regards, Uros



Your payload format is good, so there is no issue there.

I’ll need you to send a direct message to me with the DevEUIs of both of your devices in order to check to logs and see what is causing the issue.

In the meantime, please double-check that all of your configuration settings in TTN are correct. If one device is working and the other is not, be sure that you have properly entered all of the required keys (appkey/appskey, appeui/nwkskey, etc) in TTN configuration screen for the device that is not working.