LoRa Project



I created a LoRa project with Cayenne based on B-L072Z-LRWAN.
I can see measurements on the dashboard, and now, I would like to visualize it on the mobile app, how could I proceed to do this?

Thanks in advance


Hi @g.layaz,

That’s great that you’ve created your LoRa project! If you have some time, do you think you can submit your project to our Projects Made With Cayenne category? Yours would be the first LoRa project submission :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we are still developing LoRa integration for our mobile apps. It’s absolutely coming though, hopefully in coming weeks. Our mobile devs are working very hard to provide LoRa support. I can update you when mobile app support becomes available.



Hi @g.layaz,

I figured I would respond to your support email here so there are more people can see/assist, but certainly if you have private data / would prefer to chat one-on-one you can private message me by clicking on my username on this post.

Regarding the missing data on your Cayenne dashboard from your LoRa device, we are aware there were data display issues in the last few hours but we believe our engineers have resolved them. Before we get deeper into troubleshooting, can I ask you to try again and verify if there is still an issue?