No seeeduino lorawan board w/gps data from Loriot seen on the dashboard of Cayenne

I have a LoRa communication network registered in the Loriot server: a gateway and 2 seeeduino lorawan w/gps end nodes. I’m able to send sensor data, GPS to the Loriot server. I want to output the data to Cayenne dashboard and download to local mysql database automatic in certain interval and display on android mobile tracking application.

Now, I’m not able to see the data send from Loriot in Cayenne dashboard. I had followed the guidelines to add devices/widgets in Cayenne for my 2 seeeduino lorawan board w/gps. Although, I saw the data is sent to Cayenne in the Loriot Application log.

I want to know what issue actually happened in my case. Thanks.

can you PM me your DevEUI.

I’ve the same issue. I can see in Loriot log saying posting messages successfully but I was not able to see data in Cyenne. Any suggestion to resolve this issue.

can you private message me your DevEUI, so that i can check if any data is received.