LoRa Weather Station 2019

About This Project

Weather Station 2019 is a device to monitor temperature and humidity, that sends all the results to the
Cayenne server with LoRa radio modulation. Weather Station 2019 is built around an Arduino MKRWAN
1300 board.
It’s powered by an Ansmann 3.7V 5200mAh battery connected to Microchip MIC5201 3,3V fixed voltage regulator
in order to guarantee low quiescent currents.
The chosen sensor is I2C interface version of SENSIRION SHT35-DIS. It has a
resolution of ± 0.1% ° C and ± 1.5% RH. SHT35-DIS consumptions are 45μA in idle
state and 6mA in measurement. It’s assembled on a special PCB and placed into
waterproof cap.
Weather Station 2019 is wired inside an Hammond’s Polycarbonate box with 160x90x60,5mm dimensions
and IP66 protection’s degree.

What’s Connected

Arduino MKRWAN1300
Sensirion SHT35-DIS
Microchip MIC5201
Ansmann 3,7V 5200mAh
5dB gain LoRa Antenna 868MHz

Triggers & Alerts

I am not using triggers or alerts, now.
I’ll enable battery status alert in future.

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project


Great project, thanks for sharing!

Awesome project @franx74it. will be great if you add the code used for it.

Thanks, i’m now testing theory, specially hardware tricks about power saving and deep sleep stateWeatherStation2019.txt (6.4 KB)

You appear to have room for a solar panel charger. I would consider adding this to improve your battery life.

yup, adding a solar panel is good option.

in next revision i’ll try, thanks