Lost devices from mobile app


I have 2 raspberry pi`s in my cayenne dashboard. I also use android mobile app. Everythings was fine until yesterday.

I lost my devices from mobile app.

I was reinstall mobile app but nothing change. I was delete my device from web dashboard and add again byt nothing change.

Can you help me pls?


Hi Jakub,

I’m guessing it’s some state of data/widgets on your account that is breaking the mobile apps rendering. Do you mind sharing a screenshot of your web dashboard so I can see if anything looks funny? Or failing that, privately sharing your account credentials so I can have a look for myself? You can send me a private message by clicking on my name on this post then ‘Message’.

So my first guess is that this is something related to the Pi ‘Retail Portal’. I can see it’s running Raspbian Wheezy which isn’t supported by Cayenne. I’m actually impressed you managed to get it added. Was it displaying in the Android app in the recent past?

Do you mind if I remove it to see if it helps the other Pi render properly in the mobile app?

My first work device was Raspberry Pi (Retail portal) and this works fine… on web dashboard and on mobile app.

Then I was add second Raspi - LelePi … and then everything in mobile app was down.

You can try everything :slight_smile:

Ok thank you. Just wanted permission before I started poking.

So I removed that Retail Portal Pi from the web dashboard and now I can see your remaining device (Lele Pi) on my Android app.

That’s odd that it worked before, but I suspect this incompatibility is at least what gave flaky results even if it worked some of the time.

If it’s not too big a pain, I would recommend backing up any important data and trying a fresh install of the current Raspbian builds, Jessie or Jessie Lite, on the Pi, then re-adding it to your Cayenne account. I suspect the mobile app will be able to see it in that case.

You can download Raspbian Jessie or Jessie Lite here: Raspberry Pi OS – Raspberry Pi

Thank you for help :slight_smile:

I will try update Retail portal Raspi and then I will try add to cayenne.

Cayenne is cool thing :slight_smile: very cool :slight_smile:

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Thanks for understanding, and for the kind words. We’re very proud of what we’re building.

By the way, if you’d like to change your password back to something not shared with me for your privacy, you can do so using this form: https://cayenne.mydevices.com/cayenne/forgot

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: