Lost pi

It seems my raspberry pi has disappeared once again can’t find it on network schedules have stopped please help this is twice now and I have to strip the unit to get a keyboard to the pi to reinstall everything can anyone Help?

Hi @dar_c

When you say the Pi has disappeared, do you mean that the Cayenne mobile apps can’t locate it to install Cayenne on your network? Or that it was present on your Cayenne dashboard (web, mobile, both) and is now missing?

If it’s the former, you shouldn’t need a keyboard physically connected to the Pi to access it if SSH is enabled on the Pi – you could connect to it that way to do a command-line install of the Cayenne agent.

If it’s the latter, that’s pretty concerning. I’m not aware of any current issues/bugs where a whole device just disappears from your Cayenne account without explicitly being selected to delete. I’d probably change your password on the off chance someone accessed your account to delete it.

If it’s something else and I’m misreading your problem, let me know a bit more detail and I’ll help troubleshoot. Apologies for the trouble you’re seeing.