MachineQ no longer supported?


I am attempting to route my sensor data from a Dent Marvin LoRa device to Cayenne so I can work with it. I have an Actility account set up on the MachineQ ThingPark server ( The information on the Cayenne docs indicate that there used to be a category called “machineq” under the LoRa tab when adding a device.

The machineq option is no longer there. Is it no longer supported?

Here is info about what I have tried thus far:

  1. Everything is working in ThingPark, I’m getting data in the Wireless Logger
  2. set the DevEUI based on hweui and it was consistent throughout
  3. used “Marvin_ABP_CayenneLPP” sketch to correctly format data
    +I am transmitting Temp and Humidity data from a Grove DHT11 sensor
  4. Tried to just use Actility as the LoRa category when adding device
    +I used all possible combinations of these settings:
    -[] as routing profile destination in ThingPark
    -[] as routing profile destination in ThingPark
    -tried [] as “ThingPark Server” when setting up device in Cayenne
    -tried [] as “ThingPark Server” when setting up device in Cayenne
    -tried [comcast-api] as “ThingPark Server” when setting up device in Cayenne
  5. Nothing shows up in the Overview tab of Cayenne, no matter what sensors I use

I’m sure there was some other things I tried, but I’m getting pretty burned out on this whole thing. Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi @cory.lord:

Unfortunately, MachineQ is no longer supported. We are in the process of updating our Cayenne Documents.




Thanks shramiksalgaonkar & acedeno!


Hey @acedeno,

I was going to leave it at that, but now I’m curious. Why does Cayenne no longer support machineQ connected devices?

Was there a change to a technical aspect of their network that was not worth the myDevices team spending the time to overcome? I would really like to use Cayenne, it’s a great service. I could always change to TTN and Integrate Cayenne, but unfortunately my gateway can only support one network or the other. There is no transparency into the roaming agreements between networks, so I’m kind of stuck.


Hey @cory.lord , yeah I am sorry for the inconvenience, and I hear you re: roaming charges. Let’s just say there hasn’t been any technical change that we are aware of, and it is not because of the reason you mentioned :wink:.


Gotcha. Thanks again @acedeno