MCP23017 Problem after update

I have been using (1) MCP23017 connected to a Raspberry Pi 3 for some time now with no issues. But I noticed yesterday some of my input widgets disappeared. After some troubleshooting I noticed the MCP expansion chip does not display on windows 10 at all (under extensions) but does display on the IOS app. I didn’t know if this problem had anything to do with the recent update? I could have a hardware issue but the problem seems suspect to the update.

I am also using a Piface 2 (set up as a MCP23S17) on a different Pi 2 B and it seems to be working fine on both the IOS and Windows 10.
Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.

Which browser are you using on Windows 10? Do you see the same behavior if you try an alternate browser?

Sorry for the lack of information, I have been using Chrome for some time now, but after I read your comment I tried Microsoft edge and had the same response. It actually displays " MCP23017" at the top of the screen but does not display the 16 lines associated with the inputs or outputs.

I think I see the issue. I don’t have an MCP23017 immediately available, but I don’t think it matters for reproducing this error. I imagine you see this? If you’re seeing something different let me know. I’ll have our QA team look into this.

That is exactly what I see. About 20 minutes ago the MCP device started working (with no hardware changes) but now does not respond. Seems to be intermittent. Thank you for the quick response and the help!

We’re talking it over internally now. Despite the lack of hardware I think we are basically reproducing the issue, though there is some debate over whether it was introduced yesterday :slight_smile: (I trust you if that is the first you noticed it, since you were actually using widgets tied to this extension).

Can I ask if they’ve disappeared entirely from the dashboard, or if it is that they are just broken? I’d expect the latter.

If the widgets are still present but broken, could you screenshot the settings page for even one of the widgets tied to the MCP23017? That will reveal a lot (our widgets tend to lose dropdown menus when they break). I’d also be interested if you can even rename the widget and click ‘Save’ or not.

I currently use this device to actuate 12 outputs (directly off the gpio pins) and monitor feed back points (of the 12 outputs which can be manually activated). I installed this to be uses for lighting, control, and monitoring. I can’t say for sure if I checked to see if my kids left the lights on, but I’m sure I’ve checked in the last week or so and received the correct data on the MCP23017.
Yes, you are correct the widgets did not disappear, they were broken. And I did delete the widgets when I was troubleshooting but when opening the widget settings window there was no channel or icon information. Sorry for deleting the widgets, but I pretty much have the inputs and outputs memorized.
As I was finishing typing, I checked Cayenne and it is working correctly now (at least the gpio expansion window). I sure hope this isn’t a hardware problem and I’m not creating a ghost issue. All the hardware is soldered and has been operational for at least 7 months.
Thanks again for the assistance.

No need to apologize, this has been above and beyond for helping us nail down an issue! So my personal thanks as I’m on a mission to squash bugs. I’m glad to hear that your extension page is seeing the 16 lines of content again, but I do still suspect there is a real issue on our side since we’re seeing differences between our production and internal test environments for this extension. I think I’ve got enough to convey this to the development team at this point.

If it does start acting up again, let me know, we’ll try to have a fix in place ASAP.

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