Mkr1400 gsm


Has anyone tried one of these with Cayenne yet?
Ive been trying to work out a mix of libraries and commands to try but no luck so far with it!


@tim2 did you check cayenne latest release notes. We have added support to GSM.


Yes saw that - Just have to work out right board / gsm library combo as the MKR1400 board has its own library for the specific MCU/modem combo (MKRGSM). Will have to try and replicate with separate Arduino Zero/CayenneGSM and hope it works. Was just putting it out there to see if anyone has done it yet!


cayenne GSM is based on tinyGSM library and all the board supported by it is supported in cayenne, MKRGSM is one of the supported devices.


I’ll have to try it again as it wouldn’t compile for MKR1400 board when i tried it today


ok - progress as far as it compiles now but still doesnt work

Running the MKRGSM examples the board functions correctly and connects to network etc

Running the CayenneMQTTGSM examples with ublox modem and hardware serial changes made (as far as I can tell modem is Serial1) there is no comms to modem

Running tinyGSM examples - no comms to modem

Something regarding modem module comms with tinyGSM on the MKR1400 isnt working for me - anyone got a suggestion or can confirm correct Serial port number to use?


SOLVED - Just needed more coffee - hope this helps other users trying to user MKR1400

From the tinyGSM Wiki

GSM 1400 board defines SerialGSM serial and GSM_DTR, GSM_RESETN pins that are used to control the GSM module:

#include <TinyGsmClient.h>

#define SerialAT SerialGSM

void setup() {


digitalWrite(GSM_DTR, LOW);

// Turn on the GSM module by triggering GSM_RESETN pin
digitalWrite(GSM_RESETN, HIGH);
digitalWrite(GSM_RESETN, LOW);