Mobile App iOS / Android status?

how I can watch data on mobile device ?
Shared dashboard is not looking good on my iPhone, app can’t be downloaded.
What is status of new mobile app ?


Unfortunately, the mobile app was discontinued.

Will something like this work ?

Perhaps some discussion on what similar approach people find works best ?
~ Andrew

It works in a fashion. There is no formatting, there are no widgets. You will see the raw messages usually long sequences of json code.

I have recently been sharing a link for people to copy into their phone browser.
I recommend that the link I have set up in this example the Penguin RFID tracking project is made in the simplest display possible which is just 4 digital numeric ‘Value’ displays. I find this at least brings the numeric value Live into peoples phones. If you can select something like ‘Request Desktop Site’ in the phone browser then the option to display a graph is there near the usual top RH corner of each digital display.

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Isn’t there an App in sight anymore? There was a previous App and it should not be very difficult to renew it. Aren’t they willing to make a new one? That would be a pity.

I check your link :
It is really helpful. I appreciate you.

I am now using any free MQTT broker like free HiveMQT and bringing data into Node Red projects. This gives maximum flexibility and creativity. Here are some screen captures:

~ A

Mobile app is not working anymore.