Monitoring Temperature and Humidity Using Cayenne

About This Project

In this project we will create temperature and humidity monitor using cayenne.

We can monitor anywhere in this world using internet…

Why cayenne?

Cayenne is easy to use for beginner, and powerful to expert.

What’s Connected

DHT22 module

Triggers & Alerts

No triggers and alerts


no scheduling

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project

Did your temp get bug on celcius/fahrenheit?
Mine can’t read data when on celcius :cry:

can resolve by delete widget and add again. nice to meet you @kuncono

is the ESP-12E running same type sketch as if it was an arduino?

And what model is the "programmer/usb power supplyer, since it has extra pinout.?

you mind sharing the sketch?

you can see the sketch and others on instructables or hackster.

thx will go and look right away

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Do you have the sketch of the project. I’m trying to do same project.

i want to attach 5 dht11 with above project ? it is possible to show 5 reading in your application ?