More granular schedule - Currently 5 minute intervals


My friend and I are constructing a simple solenoid valve project for his irrigation system. During this we noticed that the scheduling can only be done in 5 minute intervals. We would like to have more control of the time. Our current work around is to run a timer script on the raspberry pi to allow us to create a custom timer. When it reaches the threshold time it will send a ‘High’ to one of the GPIOs. Is this in the road map to allow a more granular time in the scheduler?



p.s. This is a great product and I hope it continues to be supported and grow

Hi and welcome to the Cayenne community.

This is something we have planned for the future – the scheduler is currently limited to 5 minute increments intentionally to ensure best performance for the new scheduler code we just released.

As stability is confirmed and we expand the platform we’ll be allowing for 1 minute increments again.