Timers on outputs

Hi Cayenne team,

It would be great if you add timers to the scheduling section, for example I want to turn on a generator in the most expensive electricity hours, so it will turn on in week days from 2pm to 5pm after that period of time (3 hours) the generator will turn off.

So it would be nice to add in the scheduling section, at what time do you want to do the action and another field if you like a timer on that action and what do you want to do after that (set in off position and GPIO output, set an alarm)

Thanks a lot.


My idea for this is a bit of a graphical logic box / patch panel with drag and drop gates and timers. Allow multi IN and Multi Out so parallel things can be bought in and multiple things like messages, trigger feeds and scheds as well as the hardware GPIO lines.

Other solution would be to open passing of special case generic variables to and from some python back room or straight forward timing.

~ Andrew

Hi Andrew,

Wow that is a terrific idea, the graphical logic box will be great, I was thinking something like this interface:

Thanks a lot for your replay on this topic.

Hi @israelmx,

We will be creating a timer setting that will be available on all actuator output widgets. Would this solve your use case?


Hi Bestes,

Thank you so much for the reply, I saw the image that you are proposing, but I look the bar that the set parameters are hours, is it possible that instead hours could be the classic set time HH:MM:SS, and we could set even delay in seconds, minutes and hours? that would be great, and your idea for both states is great, definitely that would cover our needs, I have a comment / request on this, I was setting in my project an event, so my idea is set a daily event that will turn on the generator as I mentioned in the post for 8 hours, so is it possible when we reach a specific time in the day for example: 10:00am the output x turn on for HH:MM:SS defined for us? and repeats daily, weekly, monthly or yearly? the way that I did it now is setting an on time and an off time, but the time is 8 hours, and I can not set seconds.

Thanks a lot for your support, have a very good week.

Any update on this guys? Really need a timer function.



I think it woud be great if we could have capability to do expressions (Addition, Subtractions, Divisions, Multiplications, etc…) and variables as wells. Wouldn’t it be great if you could set those timers/counters value base on some type of calculations.

Wow nearly another year gone by and this most basic of functions still not implemented.

Really poor.

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