Mosquitto_pub from raspberry Pi

Trying to test the mqtt api from a raspberry pi using mosquitto_pub, but can’t get data to the server.

I have tested with mqtt.fx, and this works fine to create a data entry on a channel 0.
I’ve carefully put the same credentials into mosquitto_pub to send identical information, but no entry is created. I can get mosquitto_sub to connect to Cayenne to display the messages that mqtt.fx is sending.
mosquitto_pub -h “” -p 1883 -u “userXXXX” -P “passXXX” -t “v1/YYYY/things/ZZZZ/data/0” -m “‘temp, c=23.5’”

(hidden my secrets)

the response is:

Client mosqpub|9221-raspberryp sending CONNECT
Client mosqpub|9221-raspberryp received CONNACK (0)
Client mosqpub|9221-raspberryp sending PUBLISH (d0, q0, r1, m1, ‘v1/YYYY/things/ZZZZ/data/0’, … (14 bytes))
Client mosqpub|9221-raspberryp sending DISCONNECT

suggestions welcome please.

i am not sure but except message, all others should not be passed as ""

Thanks for the comment @shramik_salgaonkar
I don’t think the “” are the issue. I’ve just retested and removing them, and same issue repeats.

going back to mqtt.fx, I can successfully post to mydevices from here, and the log is showing the posts, as well as the subscribe window. but the messages from the Pi don’t appear either.

I’m guessing it is something about either the topic format or message that is being rejected. The user/password is accepted as the connection is accepted (if I change the user/pass, the connection is refused).

any other ideas from anyone??

You have both double and single quotes around the string to send, have you tried removing one?