MQTT odd info in debug

What is the info in the debug listed below… that is not data that I want or need sent and is taking up valuable bandwidth… is this something that I dont understand about mqtt or data that is being collected for MD use?

***> [2768] Publish: topic 4, channel 65534, value Arduino, subkey , key *** (why?)
***> [2769] Publish: topic 6, channel 65534, value Xtensa32, subkey , key *** (esp module type)
***> [2783] Publish: topic 7, channel 65534, value 80000000, subkey , key *** (no idea)
***> [2857] Publish: topic 5, channel 65534, value v1, subkey , key *** (???)
> [3739] Publish: topic 1, channel 1, value 68.900, subkey f, key temp (this is my temp sensor data)

in MQTT there each device is subscribed to particuler topic and data is sent on different channels. For cayenne, we have different data types along with it to identify the device type, the widget type, and its unit. You can find more info in this post Data types for Cayenne MQTT API