Python MQTT client."code"Write list, table or link uppdate please


Is there a link to where I can look up the ‘code’ used to indicate the data type and unit please. I think I saw this some place in the documentation. Also what column aligns to this “code” used in the python MQTT. Last time I found this only a few were available. Does the table indicate what is live and can be used at present.
The ability of the dashboard to almost instantly put in the correct information is truly commendable ! Great work thanks team.
I am just finding it a little ‘roulette’ at the moment guessing what some of the "codes’ are !
~ Andrew


Hi @picaxe,

It sounds like this is the post you’re looking for: Data types for Cayenne MQTT API

Let me know if you have any questions about it, or if it’s not covering your question here.


So this is “Supported Data Types” as found in:
I presume these are both being updated as things expand and develope ?
I will have a tweak and a poke.
I am mainly using this for some manual python data I am bringing into the Pi via serial as ‘off the wireless’ radio serial data and basic Raw LoRa modules. Here is an image that approximates what I am working up for educational use:

Still working on it but aim is to get a standard python serial interface that aligns the kids projects with a channel of data / widget / plot so kids can make a hands free, wireless, remote ‘Data Catcher’ with 5 lines of code using a simple micro pressed onto a breadboard. The idea is maximum hands on at lowest level hardware and code.
Will update as we go :slight_smile:
~ Andrew