Multiple Notify actions from one event

This seems to have been asked a few times - but I can see no clear resolution - so forgive me if this is still “pending”.

When a trigger condition is achieved (eg, digital input moves from 0 to 1) I am getting repeated Notify events. Looks like one every 30 seconds until the trigger condition is resolved.

I’m not coding at all - just “standard” trigger event set up through the app.

Is there a way to send one notify event when the condition is first achieved - or perhaps one per hour?


which device are you using (arduino or raspberry pi with agent 2.0)?

Raspberry pi with Agent 2.0

then you will have to wait for the next update in which this issue will be solved. for time being if you can shift to arduino then there is a workaround Sending a lot of SMS alert and email

excellent. thanks. I have a few Arduino Nano knocking around so will read and consider. Thanks