My home automation project: Version2


About This Project

I have been made ​​the next cayenne procjekt a rasp as managing patio lights and automatic watering system + pump to a small pond and exterior lighting. I got a whole lot of experience around automatic watering system in my home and after having driven all from spring to now , I can say that it works about 95 % of the time in terms of time schedule where it goes wrong is probably a network problem , but it’s ok .
A timed switch will probably be good here because if it goes wrong, my pump just run to my rainwater tank is empty about 200l , not good in a conservatory , well I have an overflow :smirk: .The next will be a good thing if that will make a connection to IFTTT so you could make the watering system after a weather views or possibly light sentence after the seasons.Have enclosed some pictures on so you can get an impression of the installation.

What’s Connected

3 rasberry pi model B+
2 1-wire ds18b20
10 relay
1 MCP3008 for the future
Alle runing wifi

Triggers & Alerts



watering system patio lights and exterior lighting

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project



Thats bad ass man! I might need some help with my system from you.


What help do you mean ? it is possible . a diagram of the structure.


Iot version 2.1
I now have made ​​a lux sensor (tsl2561) so that now follow my outside patio lights and exterior lights seasons in terms of night / morning smart is it when I turn on lights at night with a lux sensor and switches off the clock / calendar at midnight and on again in the night / morning when I get up and go to work . where after it goes out with lux sensor when it gets light , it means that now follows the seasons and I do not have to duck it , depending on where in the year, the time it is. Another thing is that I control my lights in our cottage when we are there at the weekend with lux sensor is home. So 2 house control with one lux sensor and 3 raspberry pi . :+1:t3::nerd_face: