My events are not running

My events are not running daily.
I’m just able to connect manually.
My project is for automation of organic greenhouse;

I’ve deleted and re-created all events, but running for a while then they stop again.
It will be some problem with internet or energy.

Maybe it’s a problem with the Cayenne events

Hi @aniederauer,

Thanks for reporting this. Can you share what are the events that are failing?

You are saying that the scheduled events will run, but then after some time they will fail? Or that the event fails to run altogether?


I deleted all events.
I create new ones but no events are running.
Events like: turn on the water at 9 am, turn off the water at 9:10 am.
Where “water” is a relay.

The button works normally. Only in the manual.
The same events have worked before. Has 3 days that do not work.

We will look into this and fix.

One last question, were you using Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or some other device for your scheduled events?


I use the Arduino Mega 256 board, I just reinstalled it and the events are running perfectly now. Thanks

Glad to hear it. Arduino events are on our server side though, so I’m not convinced that your re-install changed anything there. Did you create new events when you did, or did the old ones start coming again?