My GPIO is all low , problem

Hello everyone

From the web interface or the mobile application, I can not control my raspberry gpio, the sonnt gray boxes, see photo even when I add a led, a motor or a relay, the control remains innocent while My wiring and correct, when I tap gpio readall I see all my pins well. What to do ?

thank you in advance

Hi @falvojeanremi and welcome to the Cayenne Community!

This looks like your Pi might be running the 4.9 Linux kernel, with which webiopi (a component of the Cayenne Pi agent software) is currently incompatible. Could you run the command uname -a to check your kernel version?

If it is showing 4.9, you can switch to the 4.4 kernel with just one command (and a reboot afterwards):
sudo rpi-update 52241088c1da59a359110d39c1875cda56496764

We have an update to the Pi agent in our QA now which should resolve this issue and allow Cayenne to work on both 4.4 and 4.9 in the near future.

If uname -a shows you are already running 4.4, let me know and I’ll continue to help troubleshoot.


Oh my fucking g*** Your solution it’s okay thank you very mutch !!!


:smile: Glad it could be of some use. Apologies for the trouble, we’d really like this one knocked out ASAP so it can stop confusing people.


Ok thank you for your answer I still have a question, that one has the option to activate a camera, how to add a video feedback of a camera?

We have a Video widget planned for a future release but right now it is not yet part of Cayenne, so you won’t be able to see your video camera feedback in a Cayenne widget just yet.

You can probably activate one with Cayenne though! – if you have a camera like this one which can operate via the Linux command line, then you could use our MQTT API to fire Python scripts which can run these commands via your dashboard. See this article that I made earlier this week on how to run Python scripts from Cayenne dashboard buttons.

So if my camera and commandable command line can I control from the dashboard with python scripts? Shell sh? The return of the video will be seen from the dashboard?

Has the issue with Kernel 4.9 been resolved or should we be running on 4.5? I have just started a new Pi and it is running 4.9 and has similar problems as described above.

The 4.9 kernel bug will be fixed with the new Pi agent, which hasn’t been released yet. Should be coming out any time.

@cr.stubbs @falvojeanremi

I just wanted to bump this thread to note that we’ve now updated our Pi agent to support the 4.9 kernel (it still supports 4.4 as well). The update was automatic in the background so there is nothing you need to do on your end. Feel free to use rpi-update to move forward to the 4.9 kernel at this point if you’d like!