Temporarily stop myDevices and webiopi?


Is there any way to temporarily stop myDevices and webiopi from running, with a simple command?

I read the discussion here: disable-logging

I did try 'sudo service myDevices stop' and similarly for webiopi. However, the processes still keep running. I have to list them with:'ps ax | grep -i myDevices' and kill the corresponding processes.

I was wondering if there is a simpler ON/OFF command?


“sudo service myDevices stop” and “sudo service webiopi stop” should do the trick, but like any service they can hang and not stop correctly. Benny can move this over to bugs and hopefully someone in the Cayenne team can help you out.


Hi electronicsguy,

This should do the trick:

sudo service cron stop
sudo service myDevices stop
sudo service webiopi stop

Like a button from the dashboard to disable myDevices agent / WebIOPi? it doesn’t exist, mostly because we’ve never had a request for it from the community. Curious though, why do you want to stop the services? I assume you would want to restart them at a given time as well?



sudo service myDevices restart
sudo service webiopi restart

this would restart the services too,



Yes. It is just a convenience if we want to reduce CPU utilization for some time. I don’t know why simple “sudo service myDevices stop” doesn’t work. Any thoughts?


Adding this to the Ideas / Suggestions category so this can be tracked in road map, hope you don’t mind.





There is a cron job which keeps adding the two services (webiopi and myDevices) back. You can do this to see the cronjob:
$sudo crontab -l

          • /etc/myDevices/crontab.sh

You can delete it by the following command:
$sudo cronjob -r


I would not recommend sudo crontab -r as that will remove your entire crontab file. I would recommend sudo crontab -e and comment out what you don’t want.