Need help with DS18B20


@4ndy Yes, i did that. I manualy remove about 30 of them yesterday.
But some time i wont let me remove, the button “Remove Sensor” was like unclickable.


I try unplug and plugin the DS18B20 again and it work for about 10 minute or less, and then it show the bug agian.
This is my dashboard right now.


Still want to know from someone…
CAN you delete DS18B20 yet or does system need to be reloaded from scratch ?
I still get this…

There are a few settings in the Pi system I may have a stab at updating / poking with a stick and hacking to see if that works…
~ Andrew


@picaxe Sorry about that.
Some of them ‘delete-able’, some not, i don’t know why.
If i unplug the sensor and plug it in again, it will work for about 10 minutes and that bug show again.
Any advice ?


It’s almost like there is a problem reading the address of the sensor it should have a unique number can u check it hungtran.


Hi picaxe
I’ve been playing around with these censor for a bit and to be honest they work well with cayenne and I’m at the test stage so lots of playing.
When I’ve unpluged the censor its removed it’s self from my dashboard and I’ve only had problems when reconnecting It ,
It sometimes has problems finding the the settings set when I installed it.
If there’s any advice I can give is always power down when making hardware changes.


Thanks. I will try adding and removing them here as I have 4x different makes of Pi and see how the auto install and remove works. Yes I lke the DS18B20 it is a pretty neat device. To see a string of them off one wire bus is pretty amazing.
~ Andrew


@4ndy: I use Putty to SSH to my RPi,
cd to /sys/bus/w1/devices/, and every time i “ls” it show the different address.


@hungtran @picaxe @4ndy DS18B20 not remove-able yet. They are only remove-able if they were not added properly, and are thus not ‘attached’ to a specific slave address. We’ve been focusing on Arduino, once we get Arduino pushed we will do some house-cleaning and get this ability to remove 1-wires out the door. Hang in there!



@hungtran Can you post a pic of your 1-wire setup? The large negative number usually means a disconnection or mis-wiring.



@bestes: I wire my DS18B20 like this picture


Are you using an original DS18B20 sensor? Like this:

I ask because I see another user who uses Chinese made DS18b20 that produced issues.

Also, here is a Cayenne tutorial to reference just in case:

I’m having trouble reproducing your issue but I hope we can work through this!



I bought an waterproof DS18B20 with metal shield cover it, i don’t know what the manufacture is.
I’m from Vietnam so i think the shop sell it for me get it from Chinese.


Can any other pin than Pin 4 be used for Onewire on Cayenne/Raspi? I have a Razberry card on my Pi that may use Pin 4 but certainly sits over the top of it so I cannot use it.


For 1-wire devices, you’ll need to use pin 4 for if trying to display data in Cayenne. This may change in future, but for right now Cayenne will auto discover 1-wire devices connected to Pin 4.



my hydroponics setup was using 2 of these and has been up for awhile working fine then all of the sudden this same bug today.
Did you ever get it fixed or figure out why it was doing this? Is there another waterproof sensor I can use?

mine is showing the 32F then adding about 50+ of the default sensors to the bottom of the page. I can delete them on the app but they seem to pop back up very quickly.
This seems like a polling bug maybe when it polls the 4wire port it see’s the sensors as different or freaks out or something and just keeps adding new ones.
sometimes they show the right temp but the 50x 32f dummies still show.


My first thought is wiring, one of my 18b20’s wigged out the other day and that was the problem.

My next thought is what is the RPi seeing-

Let us know what you find,



Can you turn OFF the 1wire on pin 7?
I need to use GPIO 4, pin 7 as a GPIO output.


Hi @HighTech,

Unfortunately, not yet. We will eventually allow for auto 1 wire detection through Pin 4 to be turned on / off.



Any updates on this issue. I am still having this problem